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Company Introduction

Starlicious Sdn Bhd (foremerly as Golden Star Plt.) was established in Kuala Lumpur in year 2013 as HALAL frozen seafood distributor. 

The company has grown to serve an increasingly diverse and extensive clientele in restaurants, hotel, centre kitchen, food stalls and wholesale.

By having systematic approach supply chain management, the company is offering variety of chill and frozen seafood to suit clients' demands. 

In addition, by having experience seafood production team, the team is focusing on every detail to control the quality of fresheness. Every standard operation procedure is benchmarking with HALAL by Jakim Nagara and standard hygine processing.


Starlicious is the first developed house brand. 

The concept is 'Your Kitchen's Partner' as we treat every of our client is our good companion walk together in the business to the common goal of optimising functional and market viability. 

We believe this philosophy is not only offering quality seafood products to our clients, but also assisting them to achieve their business goal in the competitive market.


The Value

We are supplying ' VALUE ' instead of products to our clients

  1. We assis clients to achieve optimum margin in the business
  2. We focus product quality / Hygine / Standard
  3. We build strong business relationship
  4. We share the tastefully idea for every products we develop

The Structure

A systematic hierarchy is the fundemantal to build the structure of business.

The team to manage the whole business operate in effectiveness and to support company's clients in efficiency way.

Agentina Squid

Rock Lobster


Fresh Salmon Whole Fish

Squid Whole Clean (SWC)

Fresh Water Prawn (Scampi)

Tempura Ebi

Salmon Steak Cut

Fresh Squid Whole Round

Blue Swimming Crab

Ko Ebi (Thelly Shrimp)

Salmon Frozen Fillet

Squid Tube

Soft Shell Crab


Salmon Fillet

Dory Fish Fillet

Grouper Fish Fillet

John Snapper Fillet

Halibut Fish Fillet

Asian Seabass Fillet (XL)

Butter Fish

Smoked Duck


Saba Mackerel Fillet

Chilean Cod Fish

Australia Organic Beef - Ribeye

Australia Organic Beef Striploin

Smoked Series

Baby Squid